Al-Rayaan International School




Al-Rayaan International School (ARIS), established in September 2003, is tasked to bring the highest standard in education. It was founded to meet the need of the Arab and Muslim communities, in particular those who want their children to learn Arabic and Islamic Studies. The students and staff come from various nationalities. The school comprises of a Reception, Playground, Nursery 1, Nursery 2, First, Second and Third Grade. It is planned to open a new grade yearly. It is currently standardizing on the British Curriculum. (DFES number 703 6482 “”) The school is conveniently located at Airport West Residential area within a comfortable environment. The school has air-conditioned classrooms, adequate playgrounds and other facilities.


  • To provide the students with the quality education they need to empower themselves for tomorrow following the British national curriculum standard.
  • To provide Islamic studies and set the foundation for the building of an Islamic personality which is relevant to the modern world
  • To provide adequate Arabic language studies especially for Arabic native speakers
  • To develop the students’ self-knowledge and self-esteem 
  • To instill in the students the value to appreciate and respect one anothers cultures in order to promote love, peace, tolerance and harmony



  • The School had contracted a Consultant (ZAA Associates) from the UK. They were first invited in October 2006 for six weeks and again in March 2007 for three weeks, where the consultant’s key role was to set policies, train and advice in Management, Staff Training, Curriculum and Evaluation.  
  • A Curriculum Committee was founded to supervise and support the school.
  • The school was registered within the British SAT examination (DFES number 703 6482).
  • A 100% achievement of expected attainment level in the SAT exam taken in May 2006
  • Primary class teachers regularly organize class tests based on attainment levels using level descriptors for each subject.
  • Adding the French language to the curriculum